About us


Marcus Hausdorf, the founder of SHIRT AESTHETICS, developed his shirt stays because he was frustrated by his shirts’ refusal to stay tucked in. When he had finished college and started a job as a commercial project leader in a big company, he quickly found out that he had a strong dislike for two things: Monday morning meetings and the fact that his shirt was constantly coming untucked.

He was no longer in the school world, and in the professional world, appearances are very important.

Although he bought slim-fit shirts and got his clothes altered when necessary, the untucked shirt continued to be a problem. The shirt, decently tucked into the pants in the morning, slipped a little farther out of the pants with every movement – piece by piece. It happened while tying his shoes, getting out of the car, or even just getting up from the desk to get a cup of coffee. Of course, he had checked out the other employees in the office, and it was clear that EVERYONE, and that means EVERYONE, was having the same problem.

His search for a solution quickly ended in disillusionment. The classic shirt stays that once were used by military personnel tie the shirt to the socks. This solution does keep the shirt from getting untucked, but it is complicated and looks embarrassing.

There was a need for a new, modern solution to the problem. After more than a year of product development, the first collection of shirt stays from SHIRT AESTHETICS is now available. With our shirt stays, your shirt stays safely tucked into your trousers and feels comfortable. The fresh design is pleasingly different.

Simply put, it’s time to stop tuckin’ around.