How to

HOW IT WORKS – using our shirt stays is simple:

Step 1
1. Put on your shirt on as usual.

Step 2
2. Position the shirt stay over your shirt around your waist, a little below the pants’ waistline, and fasten it with the velcro fastener. Rubberized (anti-slip) dots on the inside of the shirt stay are now in contact with the shirt, holding it in place and preventing it from riding up.

Step 3
3. Then put on your pants as usual and buckle your belt. The rubberised dots on the outside of the shirt stay will be in contact with your pants and make sure that the shirt stay does not slip.

Step 4
4. Your shirt is now held in place by the shirt stay, and you are ready for the important tasks of the day.

You can choose the correct size for your shirt stays by consulting our SIZE GUIDE.

Tip: If you wear an undershirt, we recommend that you tuck it into your underpants.

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Now, do your shirts and pants fit better?

Shirt stays from SHIRT AESTHETICS work best with properly fitted clothes. If your shirt or pants are too big for you, then shirt stays from SHIRT AESTHETICS are not the right solution for you. They were designed to keep your shirt tucked into your pants, not to conceal excess material. The better your clothing fits, the better our shirt stays will work.

Who needs shirt stays from SHIRT AESTHETICS?

Shirt Stays from SHIRT AESTHETICS are suitable for men and women who want to look good and who often wear shirts or blouses that must be tucked into pants. If you want to stop worrying about your shirt getting untucked, then you have come to the right place.

For example, people whose jobs involve a lot of customer contact are especially concerned with their appearance:
– lawyers
– bankers
– consultants
– estate agents
– managers
– politicians
– police officers
– service staff (e.g. restaurant and hotel employees)
– security guards
– insurance agents
– …

Shirt Stays from SHIRT AESTHETICS are practical for use in sports and leisure activities as well as in the workplace:
– at weddings
– the next time you go to a concert or theater
– at an interview
– at presentations
– in sports activities (golf, polo, etc.)
– …

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